COM-1D "The Ubnormal" (1xLPL, 1xERML, 2xRL10, XL200)

Thread in 'COM-1D' started by dog_funtom, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. dog_funtom

    dog_funtom Well-Known Member

    I never had any success with light mechs and likely never will, but I have a lonely COM-1D in my mech-bay for some reason. Therefore I figured why not ditch all common sense and create something crazy using the new tech. Hence:

    Skirmisher, mid-range poker.

    Weapon Groups:
    Right Mouse — lazors;
    Mid Mouse — rockeds, chained.

    Large Pulse and ER-Medium lasers have a virtually equal range and similar duration. They're the main weapon, obviously. Rocket launchers are just to shoot at something big and unsuspecting one-two times. Don't forget that they have minimum range 50m.
  2. The Verge

    The Verge Moderator Staff Member

    don't forget to shorten all weapon names to their abbreviated form. Rocket Launcher 10 = RL10

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