CN9-A "Improved Starter Mech" (AC/10-BF, LRM10-Str, 2ML)

Thread in 'Centurion' started by renzor51, Dec 14, 2019.

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    I love that there's a forum for MW5 builds now! How are we gonna do this without screenshots? Hopefully, some sort of smurfy or something pops up for MW5. I'd really like to see a list somewhere of the different chassis and their hardpoints etc.

    As I've been leveling up, I've made the following mods to my starter Centurion:

    - Replaced the AC10 with AC10 burst fire.
    - Replaced the LRM10 with LRM10-Stream, which I use a lot for V-TOL's and tanks.
    - Dropped a ton of LRM ammo so that I could maximize my armor over initial values, mainly shaving from the cockpit and maybe a little from the legs.
    - Continuously replacing the AC10BF, LRM10STR, and 2 ML's with improved models when I find them.

    The mech's not bad, but the weapon arm gets beat up a lot, and you can shield with the left arm like in MWO to a degree. I've already learned not to put the back armor too low, because you do get shot in the back by tanks and air support a lot. I usually put rear armor of 8. The burst fire makes the AC10 a lot easier to control, and I have the lasers on group 1, AC10BF and group 2, and LRM's on group 3.
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    Screenshots are cool, same way we do it with BattleTech! On the discord we've linked a spreadsheet of all mechs in the game with hardpoints and all, but I will add a link on the forum as well.

    On the build: I'm not sure if I prefer the burstfire, but stream lrms have really been an eye opener. The clumped missiles sometimes don't down a vtol in one volley, but the stream misses less and deals more damage, making it much better!
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