Casual CHP-1N2 "Hunchback on steroids" (1xAC20, 5xMPL, LE280) + alt (LE295)

Thread in 'CHP-1N2' started by CarloArmato, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. CarloArmato

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    MechDB link
    I don't own the mech, but I'll very likely buy it once it is available for C-Bills.

    Hot brawler (39% cooling efficiency is quite low for this role) but with excellent pinpoint and decent speed. It could be very interesting for solaris or maybe even invasion defense.

    ALT: faster LE295 version, but with worse armor and no 16 armor on head
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  2. renzor51

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    I watched a video by Baradul with something similar to this; bigger engine and ML's instead of MPL's. I made a slight adaptation of that to apply to my own CHP-1N2 which I'll be buying soon during the current sale:

    If the AC20 ammo end up being a little too high, I'd take out one ton from a leg, move the 1/2 ton from the ST into that leg, then add another DHS into the ST. Looks fun.
  3. Rugbypig

    Rugbypig New Member

    Yes drop the ammo, then drop the arms down to 3 and 56% heat efficiency is yours
  4. renzor51

    renzor51 Well-Known Member

    I did end up dropping a ton of ammo and replacing it with a DHS. This is what I'm running now:

    Not necessary to drop the arms for more DHS. This runs pretty well. The arms are good shields. Now, if I replaced the AC20 with HGauss, then that's necessary. ;)

    Here's the skill build:

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