Solaris CGR-1A5 ''Kypho Prime: Alchemist Remix'' (1x AC20, 2x SPL, 3x MRM10, LFE350)

Thread in 'CGR-1A5' started by MachineGod, Dec 18, 2018.

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    A clannie of mine and I were playing around in Solaris and he helped me tweak this a bit so it would work better for 1v1 or 2v2 solaris matches and boy does it deliver. Unskilled I won 3/4 matches in the same night. Definitely a facehug brawler kinda build, would GREATLY benefit from torso twist nodes but as-is it performs EXTREMELY well. Almost as well as my BNC-SR does for Solaris.

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    From my solaris experience, you can drop some ammo and engine for better alpha strike.

    I'm not sure which enemies you will have to face, but my Cyclop in Divison 2 featured 1xAC20, 3xSRM6+A and 1xSRM4 with a LE350.
    With that in mind, due to AC20 cooldown quirk almost synced up with SRM6 cooldown, I would definitely switch MRM10s for SRM6+A for better DPS, precision and weapon synergy. MRM extended range will rarely come in handy if you ban the right maps and you can manage to close in without taking damage. You should also consider that MRM longer cooldown coupled with duration (0.6s) will further decrease DPS compared to SRM6, which means you must kill a target with very few and well placed alpha strikes, or SRM6+A are an overall better and safest solution.

    EDIT: or, if you are feeling lucky and that -10% heat gen can actually sustain this hot build, you could try this badass

    EDIT 2: yes, you can
    50% cooling efficiency pre skills, 5 alpha strikes pre skill, 20 AC20 shots and ~13 MRM strikes with full ammo skills. There is enough ammo to miss some shots / focus and still win a fight in the end without overheating provided you do shield / shelter / poke close range when needed. The only issue could be speed.
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