CDA-3M "Harasser" (UAC10, 2ERML, ECM, XL250)

Thread in 'CDA-3M' started by Sgraz, Nov 9, 2019.

  1. Sgraz

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    This thing works more like a medium range sniping mech. Flank enemy, shoot once or twice and switch location. Has enough mobility to switch place fast and enough firepower to have a nice bite.

    Not a mech for everyone and can´t fit stealth armor in this but if you want to go that path, then take ASN-DD Darkdeath hero. But then you don´t have those sweet UAC JAM CHANCE -30% and BALLISTIC COOLDOWN -20% quirks. :)

    You think three tons of ammo too much with all extra ammo skill nodes? No. You will run out of ammo in longer games. ;)

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