Career Cataphract CTF-L0X --- Lostech Ghost Recon

Thread in 'Cataphract' started by Toastygawa, Sep 11, 2020.

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    The Raven's stealth kit exists on a heavy mech with few weapon hardpoints and only a little tonnage. Sweet deal... it can be a great support sniper if you can source some rare parts. Make friends with pirates if you need to.

    A UAC/2 is a respectable weapon. A UAC/2++ is almost like a 5-ton Gauss Rifle. Pair it with a PPC if you must, but an ER L Laser and/or ER M Laser will allow you to put precision damage on the enemy while keeping your lance covered by ECM without having to wade into brawl range. Keep those enemies beyond mid-range and target the tacticians for headshots to clear the field.


    Adjustments: whatever it takes to make this mech a sniper, honestly. This is my favorite configuration so far.

    Pros: Good long-range support with stealth. Tougher than stock with a 920 armor rating. LA may shield if you have a waster ML in it.
    Cons: Weak JJ maneuvering, hard to find parts for the mech, or weapons light enough to do it well.
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