BSW-X2 Fly Swatter (2x LB2X, 3x SSRM4, XL300)

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    Piranhas, Locusts, Commandos, Arctic Cheetahs, etc. A talented pilot in any of these 'Mechs is definitely an asset to your team. But don't you hate it when they're on the other side, especially when you're in anything BUT a Light 'Mech? Small, hard to target 'Mechs darting left and right, running circles around you, destroying your components, while you can't aim any better than a drunken sailor in a storm. Wouldn't it be nice to have a 'Mech that can effectively deal with pests like these?

    Introducing, the Flyswatter! Based on the Bushwacker X2 chassis, the Flyswatter features two LB-2-X Autocannons, three Streak SRM 4 launchers, and an XL 300 engine, giving you the speed, firepower, and flexibility you need to take down those pesky Lights. But don't take our word for it. Just listen to this satisfied customer:

    "I always hated it when a Spider would start dancing circles around my 'Mech, firing machine guns and small lasers at me, while I couldn't do anything about it. But now, with the Flyswatter, those days are over! I can target with the Streak missiles and constantly strafe with the LB-2-X cannons, making even the bravest Light pilots think twice about dueling with me. Plus, it works great against heavier 'Mechs too. I only wish I'd bought it sooner!" John Q. D.

    Don't wait! Order now and receive three tons each of LB-2-X ammo and Streak missiles, free! See the Smurfy link below for more information.

    <a href="">BSW-X2 Flyswatter</a>

    This 'Mech can be your's for just six easy payments of 100,000 C-Bills, plus tax. Order today!

    Manufacturer's recommendations:

    Chain fire the LB-2-X cannons and group the Streaks together. As for skills, grab all the missile upgrades, except for the last missile spread node. Also get a point of magazine capacity for the cannons. Get full speed tweak, investing in torso yaw and torso speed. 60% radar deprivation is useful. The 'Mech is kind of cold, so you'll only need two cool run points in Operations. Carrying a cool shot would also help. Throw the rest of your points into Survivability, focusing on armor hardening, with skeletal density second.

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