Casual BSW-S2 "Zap n Brawl" (4x SRM6+A, 2x ERMLas, LE280, TC1)

Thread in 'BSW-S2' started by WrathfulMonk, Jan 21, 2018.

  1. WrathfulMonk

    WrathfulMonk Benefactor


    Built this for an event... without noticing the event doesn't count artemis srm's

    Saying that it's a neat build,

    Shield with the right, Attacking as a team yielded me 500 odd damage and 4 kills, 2 solo

    I find it fun, hope you do too.
  2. rinco

    rinco Well-Known Member

    I run a similar build. But I intend to adopt TheB33f's version as soon as I have the cbills. The massive side torsos on the Bushwacker makes for a perfect dead side. His build takes advantage of this by using only SRMs for minimum facetime, and a standard engine for maximum tanking. Anyway here's a link to TheB33f's video ...


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