BSW-S2 "Brazilian Wax" (1xLBX10, 2xML, 1xSRM6, 1xSSRM2, 2xAMS, XL275)

Thread in 'BSW-S2' started by canofjuice, Jan 28, 2017.

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    Hey folks, looking for some critique here:

    This is what I've been rolling with on the BSW-S2 as a sort of all-round build. It has dual AMS, since I like it so much on my Thunderbolt. Otherwise the loadout here is pretty simple.

    I put a streak 2 on the LT instead of using two SRM 4's to mitigate the damage of losing an arm. Using streaks was a compromise to let me aim the missiles in the arm without having to worry about my torso. As a bonus, the two-tube launcher is pretty slim and doesn't get in the way too much.

    The DHS in the engine is more or less optional. Let me know what you think.
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    Welcome to MechSpecs!

    First of all, never ever put this amount of ammo into your legs while lowering the leg armor. Legging is a premier way of killing light and medium mechs, and any competent pilot will certainly give you a try here. Maybe not that much on the BSWs, but better be sure than dead.

    I made some adjustments to your build while trying to keep the original spirit. See below for some general rule of thumbs I used here.

    - Try to use as many DHS as possible outside of the engine for crit padding purposes.
    - Re-evaluate your ammo count. Do you really need 50 shots of LBX ammo?
    - As for dual AMS, 1.5 tons should suffice here in a regular PUG match.
    - Please note I'd highly prefer SRM4s for all the launchers. The spread of SRM6s is pretty wide without Artemis IV
    - An XL280 weighs the same as the XL275. Use the former for an optimized build. I supporse you're on the 275 here because of budges restraints.

    To summarize:

    Better cooling (resulting in an increased sustained DPS), better spread, ammo count optimized, DHS for crit padding.
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    So Smurfy actually has the armor values for the legs and arms wrong. In reality I'm only shaving 6 points of armor off each leg (53/59).

    Otherwise, that all totally makes sense. I should point out that the ammo was in the RT since the launcher on the LT expands it's hitbox and makes it more likely to take fire.

    I'm going to try out your version and see how it feels.

    I was also tooling around and came up with this:

    Basically, it trades down to an AC/5 to get better use out of the missile hardpoints without artemis.
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