Casual BSW-P1 "kiTARADO3" (6xLRM5 1xRAC2 1xML XL280)

Thread in 'BSW-P1' started by Alloh_BR, Dec 7, 2018.

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    I started from "kintaro2", 6xLRM5 and TAG. bUT None of my mechs is ammo-only.

    So I got back to mechlab, and present you the most FUN build I've found for Bushie P1:

    BSW-P1 "kiTARADO3" 6xLRM5 (4t) RAC2 (1.5t) ML XL280

    Avoid using both the missiles (allways chainfire) and ML/RAC2. Can be used for short time. But usually I'm either shooting missiles far away OR I'm RAC'n and Lasering someone nearby.

    I'm often running out of LRM, then I rush forward until I'm out of RAC2s... still a ML to use! So I tried replacing the DHS for +1 LRM ammo, but gets too only even only using missiles.

    If you want more ammo, replace the RAC2 with AC5, LB5x or (u)AC2, but you'll lose a lot of firepower and the impact of a RAC...

    And it's always fun see a light rushing towards me expecting a full larmer, and ML+RAC starts pounding...

    Of course ammo placement is for clarity, near its weapon. Adjust properly.

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    Modified your title to the standard

    This build looks positively annoying for both parties :)

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