Casual Broadside "Orkish" (1xUAC20, 1xMRM40, 2xAMS, Std340)

Thread in 'Broadside' started by renzor51, Nov 20, 2019.

  1. renzor51

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    Something I'm experimenting with. I wanted to veer away from the gauss/LPL builds that many people do with this and came up with a build using just two big 'orkish' weapons. Looks odd, but has good synergy, speed, high mounts, and lots of ammo (and double AMS!). It also takes advantage of the ballistic cooldown and missile spread quirks.

    I just watched Backshot try this build for me on Twitch, and he put out two great matches with it. Says he'll put the better one (score 640ish and 1000+ damage on Terra Therma) on YouTube, so I'll share the video when I see it.

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  2. Lorgot

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    More cooling, more armor, but a little slower and less ammo

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