Breaking Mech cards -- UPDATE

Thread in 'MechSpecs News and Info' started by Excalibaard, Jan 6, 2022.

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    Some of the mechcards have been breaking. The backend seems to be giving some errors. I've contacted the server administrator to help resolve the issue, hadn't noticed it myself yet. Thanks to Shock for bringing it to my attention.

    I've also added (long overdue) the missing Stalker and Phoenix variants, thanks to a post by SniperFury. I noticed I accidentally wasn't getting notifications for the Suggestions, Bugs and Feedback forum, these have been reinstated. If you encounter a bug or anything missing, please post there, or tag me on discord.

    UPDATE: The cards have been fixed from what I've tested. I ran through the list of 'links that should be replaced with media embeds', and found one that I had accidentally broken, when trying to add MechDB 2 conversions to the site. This caused the entire plugin to crash, as it looped through the entire list of possible matches. This should be resolved now, very sorry for not noticing. Feel free to berate in the comments ;p
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