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Solaris BNC-SR "Underweight" (2xLBX10 1xMRM40 3xSPL STD300)

Thread in 'Siren' started by Excalibaard, Apr 24, 2018.

  1. Excalibaard

    Excalibaard 101 010 Staff Member

    Heavily inspired by the Cloud of Shrapnel, this is my current Solaris build in D4:

    It's undertonned because that 14th heatsinks is very important, much better than anything else you can mount.

    It's a slow mech so make sure to go straight and start firing from afar.
  2. Dino2629

    Dino2629 New Member

    For Solaris i switched the SPL to Flamers,however, everything else is the same. I find that with the flamers you can really cause the opposing mech to panic while brawling. Have a try doing this and I wanna know how your doing with it.
  3. Excalibaard

    Excalibaard 101 010 Staff Member

    Flamers in Solaris are a bit meh in my opinion. They lose a lot of their heat damage and the crit they get in return (As some sort of energy machinegun) is not doing all that much for the heat you get firing the weapon.

    Also: In D4 I don't use the Siren anymore. Had some success with the Zeus 5S but in the end the JM6-DD with 6AC2 just outranges this thing with pretty good DPS, its hard to get close and brawl.

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