Bludgeon "Quirkhammer" 2 CERPPC, 3MPL, 1 SRM6+Art, XL320

Thread in 'Bludgeon' started by Jordan, Feb 19, 2019.

  1. Jordan

    Jordan New Member

    I will post the smurfy link once smurfy updates for the patch.
    MWO Link: A7<M50F1|l^|l^|6f|l^p01|l^|l^|1C|?C|YR|mRq01|l^|l^|1C|l^|l^rd0|l^|l^|oB|l^sd0|l^|oB|l^|l^t01|l^u01|l^v60|oBw404040

    This mech makes use of all of the quirks, and has very workable heat management. I Think this might technically be the overall best possible build for this chassis.

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