Bludgeon "MLG Sniper" 4 CERPPCs, TCMkIV, XL320

Thread in 'Bludgeon' started by Jordan, Feb 19, 2019.

  1. Jordan

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    I will post the smurfy link once smurfy makes the warhammer available on the site.
    Here is the MWO link: A7<E40F1|l^|l^|6f|l^p01|l^|l^|l^|l^|1Cq01|l^|l^|h<2|1Crd0|l^|l^|1Csd0|l^|l^|1Ct01|l^u01|l^v60w404040

    This mech is okay. I managed to get some high numbers with it, but it's nothing to fall in love with. Due to heat issues, you will always want to make sure that you have teammates around you to hide behind when you max out your scale. Definitely take all cool run nodes and probably double cool shot as well.
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  2. Gun Tuv

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    Doing this with an XL325, a TC2 and a gazillion DHS. It's rather pleasing.

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