Casual BLR-3S "Top cleaner" (3xLPL, 3xML, 1xMRM20, LE325) + alt (LL, LE350)

Thread in 'BLR-3S' started by CarloArmato, May 17, 2019.

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    How many time you heard people asking "Get on top" then they give up on the idea and join the nascar? Worry not, this build is made to achieve that.

    Big but pinpointy alpha, quite hot, quite slow for being a brawlish build but excellent hardpoints. If you feel low on ammo, strip a bit of armor and add another half ton of MRM ammo.

    ALT: you can swap LPLs with LLs, so you are sacrifing a bit of alpha and laser duration to fit a faster LE350, +1 DHS and fit that additional 0.5 ton of ammo without the need to strip armor... It's actually a lot cooler and probably better fit for an actual prolonged brawl, top poking or actual nascar.


    If you love the idea, you can strip half ton of armor and actually fit a TC1 for improved laser range (it never hurts, especially due to lack of ML range quirk)
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