Invasion BL-6B-KNT "City hunter" (3xLL, 6xERML, TC1, XL350) + alt

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Thread in 'BL-6B-KNT' started by CarloArmato, Mar 21, 2018.

  1. CarloArmato

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    Low expectations, high reward. Not noob friendly at all due to crappy hardpoints, but more heat efficient and forgiving compared to the warhammer 6D which doesn't have a heat gen bonus.

    Hard points are low, but with good positioning and torso twist, this build deals an excellent punch with better than expected heat management thanks to the -10% energy heat gen (3 alpha strikes without overheating, in neutral maps and with maxed skills). It can tank nicely thanks to both structure quirks (don't forget to skill in survivability) and hitboxes (very slim CT and side torsoes, you can spread out damage easily if you torso twist and/or shield with your nice arms)... For this very reason, the XL engine feels more like an appropriate way to further enhance this mech with additional firepower, speed and cooling rather than being a huge downgrade to survivability.

    If you are looking for an heavy IS laser boat capable of being both cool and with a nice punch, give this build a try.

    Just remember: avoid slopes at all costs, always poke horizontally and be thoughtful about positioning and how / where / when engage your targets.

    ALT: LE320 version, overall -1 DHS and no more TC... IMHO not worth it.
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    Yep, I got one of these and this is how I'm going to run it, although with standard medium lasers in lieu of ER for the better heat/DPS at sacrifice of range. If this thing had a 10% range quirk I might be tempted to put on the ER meds to really push that range to a midrange peaker, but as it is standard ML's are just so good.

    On my Grasshopper, a Warhammer, and Charger I have the 3xLL 5xML load (that works great on those chassis), this 3xLL 6xML just brings another slightly different flavor to a proven capable weapons loadout.

    2xLPL + 6xML also looks like it would be excellent.
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