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Thread in 'Betty's Playground' started by Blagg Zear, Jul 28, 2015.

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    I just found this Thread
    .. and WOW! I'm soo impressed (in fact i am shocked). What's going on with Derek? He is calling everyone a Troll, who sends him Bug Reports, and perma-ban them for.. sending him Bug Reports???

    I mean, isn't Early Access meant to be Bug Reporting+Fixing? And btw how can a Game still be in EA after.. 3 Yrs of development?

    Here is a Megathread including everything. It's in german, but well, i think you can see in Derek's reactions there, what's actually going on -> It's Hardcore Internet-Warlord/Bitching Betty Time! haha

    p.s. Steam should have higher requirements for getting into the EA-Market
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    idk anything about him or this game, but I read through that steam thread and Derek's reaction seems fine. Sounds like a community effort to derail his project due to his opinions on SC? idk. I've seen worse happen. much worse. So imo his responses in the steam thread are very believable to me.
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  3. Shock

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    Derek Smart is notorious for his hostility in online forums. Especially towards users that have trouble with his games. It's been going on for almost 20 years.
  4. Blagg Zear

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    You mean this here?
    that after some few dialogue lines without requesting further info about the specific hardware been used, and the only tip is to update drivers? How professionals would react imo if found out that guy Ben is a game magazine journalist? -> Invite him to the dev studio to retest the game under better circumstances/system settings of their own and let them help them fixing their game for other hardware settings, to become better.

    ... btw Closed Beta Testing is suddenly closed now (fearing the bugreports?). How can it be closed when the status is still EA? .. and the game shall be launched in some few weeks

    p.s. if you want to know more of Derek's Personality, check this interview some decades earlier:

    (almost at the end of that article, before Survivor section... funny that's it's available on his own Website haha)
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  5. Soy

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    This guy has made 14 games? Never heard of him or his games. Hilarious. What "hardcore" his game looks like easymode Halo garbage.

    He also doesn't believe in gimmicks. Is that why he has five titles in a series I've never heard of.

    He did call mobile gaming shit. Which is true.

    He said if you make a game design kickstarter, it's dangerous cuz you're taking lots of people's money. What's the difference between that and selling a pile of garbage on Steam and taking people's money. Anyways, you nerds need to get some perspective. Selling drugs to hookers is dangerous, riding around Baghdad in a humvee is dangerous... taking retarded whales disposable entertainment money is not dangerous.

    Seems like a guy who's up his own ass, opinionated, and makes super niche random crap. Must be a cool guy.

    ***Didn't read the steam thread, just watched the vid, that's what my responses are about.

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