Banshee: Armor on Arms . . .?

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    So like most everyone else, I've been examining the Banshees in Smurfy's Mechlab, and have been checking out the various load-outs they are capable of. And one point that came to mind while I was looking through them regards the arms on these things. Disregarding the hero "La Malinche", the standard Banshee variants are pretty much entirely torso dependent --- i.e., there are virtually no hard-points in the arms on these things, with a single Energy in the left arm of the 3S being a notable and singular exception. So, here's the question:
    Do you leave lots of armor in those arms to enable them to act as effective shields for the STs, or do you strip the arms of most of their armor in order to free up tonnage for firepower/engine-size/DHS/etc? Or do you perhaps plan to stack Heat Sinks or Ammo in those arms, in which case you don't want them getting blown off early on? (Of course, each arm can only hold 2 DHS, with the exception again being that left arm in the 3S, which can potentially manage to hold 3 DHS, so long as you don't use that lone Energy hard-point.)
    So yeah, just some thoughts and questions that I'd be curious to get some feedback on.

    An example of what I mean by dropping armor on those arms:
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    The best arm shields in the game.
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    Alas another mech designed to be proficient in H2H. Join your brother Dragon in the corner of mechs without proper representation of awesomeness do to not having collisions and/or close combat attacks.
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    YLW is waiting.

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