AWS-8R (2x LLasers, 4x LRM5, TAG, BAP, XL300)

Thread in 'AWS-8R' started by cs_kami, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. cs_kami

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    I was playing around in the lab, thinking how to make this a more viable build and was looking at the quirks for this mech, and no one take any major advantage of the laser/energy quirks. Everyone is very gun-ho on the LRM15 portion, but by comparison, it's actually not that much of big deal. So I made this mech and it performs pretty well for all intents and purposes.

    Some quirks to keep in mind: LLaser cooldown 12.5%, Energy cooldown 12.5%, Laser duration 25%!, Energy heat generation 15%.

    Standard Engine variant.
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  2. epikt

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    That looks a very light weaponry for an XL build. Too many DHS in my opinion, especially with the heat generation quirks on both missiles and lasers. And too many ammo for only 20 tubes with a 12.5% quirk.
    Also, useless CASE with an XL engine.

    So I think I'd be gun-ho on the LRM15:

    I know I'm 2 tons off, but I'm already max engine and max armor. Not to upgrade the structure to free slots will only force you to reduce the equipment, no gain.
    Easy ~STD280 variant with reduced armor (legs and left arm).
  3. cs_kami

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    Confession, I actually prefer to play with a standard engine and get a lot of people taking out my left side, only to be surprised that it's an Awesome that keeps on fighting.. guess they expected an XL in it.. silly rabbits. The XL engine build i just pulled together since lot's of people like the XL versions, but I think the STD engine is how this mech should run.

    I tried playing with LRM15s, but frankly it's not as much fun and the role is a bit of an alpha striker. With a constant stream of LRM5 and frequent LLaser fire (on chain fire, it's like you have 3 LLasers) you become a harasser, not an alpha striker. It's sweet range is 200-400m, so you're close to the front lines and can keep dishing out damage. It's also a hot map friendly mech.

    I think it would play similar to a Golden Boy (which I don't have so can't compare) but with a lot better cooling and a lot more ammo, armor and survivability (STD vs XL).
  4. B0ilz

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    You can fire 3 LLas at once now. :) So it'd be more like 4 Llas.
  5. cs_kami

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    Yes, this build would be perfect IF you could mount 3xLLasers in it. Sadly only 2 can be mounted.

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