Awesome Lights-Showdown!

Thread in 'Spider' started by Blagg Zear, Sep 17, 2013.

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    Spiders can sometimes be soo damn cruel!!! :rofl:

    [img width=700 height=437][/img]
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    Dat gangbang.
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    Just had a hell of a round myself. Game starts out, and as usual I wait for the big brawl to break out. Luckily it does, and it allows me to find the big undefended mechs and harass them, by shooting their backs and strafing away. I proceed to do this, until I pick up my first kill on an undefended LRM boat Cat. The fight continues and I take down a Jager who wasnt paying attention, followed by a Raven that I manage to leg, and then kill.

    As time elapses, our team was down to me, and a Stalker against Misery, Battlemaster, and an AFK. I was brawling with Misery underneath the satellite array, and do some heavy damage, but am afraid that he is going to land his AC and laser combo. I end up leaving, and depleting all of my Machine Gun ammo at this point. My stalker proceeds to severely damage the Battlemaster, but gets destroyed. I am lucky enough to jump over a barrier and land 2 more ERLL on torso, and destroy the Battlemaster. The Misery was chasing me the whole while and landing laser shots on by back and sides as I destroy the Battlemaster. This leaves only Misery. We are fighting on the ramp leading up to the satellite now, and Misery begins to hug the wall, preventing me from strafing completely around him (good move). I use the jump jets and land a series of ERLL on his torso, but he is still going. At this point I begin to run along a the right flank to the ramp, and he begins to chase. As I jump, I turn completely 180 and fire an ERLL into his torso, killing him. All said it took about 6 ERLL shots to finish Misery, several of which I had landed during him overheating. Leading into this final confrontation Misery had orange torso and sides, but was still lethal with all of his weapons available. In fact, during this battle Misery had armed me (depleted machine gun), and almost legged me (orange on one, and yellow the other), luckily the ERLL is in center torso and I could land the shots on his torso.

    After getting my heart pounding through the showdown with Misery, I realize that there is an AFK at their spawn, and I have about 3 minutes to find and destroy him. I figure that if I dont destroy him, we will either Draw, or lose (as I had more damage). So I have 3 minutes to find the AFK and kill him. Meanwhile their team keeps telling me that he is at D5 (which is a lie, he is at their spawn AFK). I run to D5 and do a quick look and cannot see any mech. My team keeps telling me spawn, so I rush to one spawn (luckily picking the right one). I finish the game by destroying the AFK shadowhawk with 1 minute to spare.

    Final Score 759 damage, 6 kills, 4 assists. Only mech left standing, great match!

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    I see no Awesome vs Lights in either of these games :angry: