AS7-D-DC 'Ultra Smasher' (3xSRM4+A, 1xUAC20, 2xLL, ECM, LE350)

Thread in 'AS7-D-DC' started by Ether Dragan, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. Ether Dragan

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    The new techs generation permit to update the Atlas very well.

    I propose you to test this beast. The profil is inspired by one of the classic build (STD 325, 3x SRM6+A, 1x AC20, 2 MLAS).

    But the new tech permit to upgrade the engine, upgrade the AC20 to a UAC20, and change the Medium Lasers to Large Lasers and max armour. The only things decrease is the SRM6 to 4 principaly for space reason (You have possibility to use SRM6 without Artemis for exactly same space and tons).

    At medium rang (300 to 600), use LLAS.
    At close rang, for a long brawl, use only SRM & UAC. If the UAC20 jammed, use LLAS carfully to avoid overheat.

    Group 1 : UAC20
    Group 2 : LLas
    Groupe 3 : SRM

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  2. Excalibaard

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    Made an alternative version of this with more focus on the SRMs than the lasers. This also freed up some more DHS space.

    Not sure which I prefer, as the reach of the LLs is good, but you have a fast engine and the heat it generated is already being taken up by other weapons.


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