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Casual ACW-BK "Lil Bad Wolf" 4xcHML 1xcLB10X 1xJJ cXL280

Discussion in 'Blood Kit' started by Dagonus, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Dagonus

    Dagonus Benefactor


    Similar designs have used uprated engines and small lasers. This is not quite a budget design since you still need an additional 1.6Million in armaments, but you can save some cash by using your stock engine.

    You can have the power of mediums if you stay with the stock engine. The legs are little light. Once I get Ammo skills, I might drop it to 1.5 tons of Ammo and add a half ton of armor back on.

    As it stands, 2 Tons of Ammo for the LB10X is plenty. You're looking to hit with the HMLs first and then follow with the LB10X.

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