Casual ACW-1 "Pack-wolf" (4xcSRM4, 4xcSSRM2, XL280)

Thread in 'ACW-1' started by Falconium, Mar 20, 2018.

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    I'm still not sure how fast I feel I need to go with this 'Mech. Considering the rather immense weapon capacities of this Variant, however, I do think it can be worthwhile to take a smaller engine, run primarily alongside your larger teammates, and provide a level of support fire rarely seen on a 'Mech this size.

    No ghost heat with either weapon type. The weapon cool-downs line up perfectly. I prefer to mount the SRMs in the torsos for the sake of the higher mounts, and leave the Streaks in the arms where the reduced convergence won't matter as much.
    The ammo amounts should be enough for an average match, though you'll definitely want to pick up one or both Magazine skills with this 'Mech if possible. Obviously both ammo-types have the exact same damage per ton, so I was ok giving the Streaks a little more than missile-pod ratios would otherwise dictate (more likely to hit all your streaks in all your shots anyway). Even so, you can swap a ton of Streak ammo for an extra ton of SRM ammo if you think it's needed.
    You can also drop 1 or both of the extra DHS to pick up more ammo, or a cAP, or more speed with an XL295, etc.

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