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Thread in 'MechWarrior Online' started by MaxwellMax, Mar 4, 2020.

  1. MaxwellMax

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    I know this game is pretty much on life support at this point, but I did just get into it recently while waiting for FO76 to come out with the Wastelanders update, and MW5 to get mods.

    I wanted to say a quick thanks to all those still playing, because even with all the quirks, etc I’ve been having a fun time doing the quick matches.

    I admittedly threw about 75USD into the game in the last two months just to get premium time and pick up a few mechs I was interested in, and I think it’s given me more then $75 worth of enjoyment in return.

    So, :thumbs up: and thanks again for playing!
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  2. Joe Bopper

    Joe Bopper Well-Known Member

    I feel the same way. I realized those same points regarding this game being on life support and I'm also thankful for there still being a community.

    I do wish there were less bullies in MWO - but wait - I have also bullied people in this game in the past, sad to admit. Why? Because I get too caught up in this game and I get carried away. I'm not proud of it. I've had arguments with friends/clanmates only to never play with or talk to them again. I've played with top tier pilots only to be dissatisfied with their tactics and just not drop with them anymore.

    I may not be the best pen & paper guy, or the greatest tactician, but I do give it my all when it comes to pushing mechs to their limits in the mech lab and in-game. I love the mech lab. God, this game is so good.

    I get the most fun out of the game at this point NOT by going on TeamSpeak, Discord, (or any of that other crap), and just going in solo and using the in-game comms with random peeps in quick play. I love quick play mode and I would play faction and solaris more if the wait times weren't so long.

    I have been playing MWO since before they expanded to Steam. I have put thousands of hours into the game. It's one of my favs.
  3. ShooterMcGavin80

    ShooterMcGavin80 Advanced Member

    Also thank you.

    Re: getting snippy online with your teammates. Everyone is human, everyone has weaknesses. But remember: this is a team game, the other people on the end of the screen are also human beings doing their best to have fun and enjoy the game. The game has a high learning curve and not everybody is the same skill level. There is absolutely no reason ever to berate or belittle teammates.

    As a person who plays team sports, it always amuses me when, after a loss, I hear somebody on the VOIP saying 'stupid team'. 'idiots'. Or second guessing. After playing a game on the soccer field and losing, anybody who came back into the locker room and immediately started berating their teammates would, well, be considered a sociopathic jerkbag. Not the kind of person who would gain any respect or friends.

    There is no excuse, ever. Do not berate teammates or taunt the opposition. Each game is like a quick blitz game of chess with teammates. Only some kind of a#$%le would run their mouth off on their own teammates afterwards.

    This is, of course, just my opinion. Have fun and enjoy the game, try to foster camaraderie and friendliness in the community.

    Regarding trolls and teamkillers: do not ever feed the beast. If they want to TK you, just let them tk you. They'll suffer a penalty. Report, don't get into any kind of snippy verbal argument. Don't even bother firing back, TK's almost universally are looking for some kind of response.

    Trolls spamming the coms can just be muted and reported. Again, usually these kinda guys are looking for a response that gives them a boner knowing they're getting under somebody's skin. Giving them no response will ensure they get bored quickly.

    Fortunately I haven't run into many TK'rs, and there aren't many spam trolls either.
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  4. krevLL

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    It was a pleasant surprise to come back to the game after a few months and see that it's actually gotten quicker to get into a QP match. I'm happy that this game is still going, considering I'm not aware of another PC title where I can get my fix of hot, hot mech on mech PVP action coupled with a fairly ridiculously in-depth customization capability.

    So, to parrot the other fine people here, thanks, MechWarriors. Keep on crushing each other!
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