20th April Patch impressions

Thread in 'MechWarrior Online' started by CarloArmato, May 4, 2021 at 3:01 AM.

  1. CarloArmato

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    So far, it seems good. Basically any weapon I can think of has been buffed and the very few exceptions I can think of (ERLL cooldown nerf but damage, heat and range buff) are more than welcome tweaks. My only "complaint" is that pinpoint weapons overall have buffed, so I don't think any non-pinpoint weapons such as missiles have been buffed enough. Maybe there have been a bit too much of pinpoint powercreep, but I'm saying this only because I'm just looking for a "bad" side for this patch, not because I really think it's bad.


    4xLL is a good new Ghost heat limit. ERML are still slightly better when looking at tonnage efficiency, BUT thanks to LL buff and very low heat they are still not as "bad" as before compared to pure ERML boating.

    ERLL are now a "sniper only" weapon due to their low cooldown, which is nice. I think we will rarely see them on any non-sniper build, so I guess it will mostly be usefull on invasion builds or dedicated long range builds.

    Piranhas are still broken AF, even more now with no micro lasers ghost heat. I still generally hate them because you either pop them with some pinpoint weapon early on, or you are gonna get eaten alive once they are close... Plus, they are a counter to any attempt of solo play and you aren't fit to counter them. I really, REALLY hate them for this very reason.

    2xLGR with no ghost heat when paired with ERPPCs is actually not that bad. I thought it was gonna be broken as hell, but 2xLGR alpha strike isn't that great even when paired with 2xERPPCs. Also, 2xLGR buff was very needed and they are still quite "bad" compared to other weapons, but right now they are not completely useless.

    LPPCs with no ghost heat is another great addition. 2xLPPC paired with 2xGR is nice to punish mechs standing still, but at longer ranges the velocity difference is very noticeable and you can't simply alpha strike. Also, I love the fact LPPC have no longer minimum range: they are not ton efficient at all, so they can be fit on almost any build without feeling "oh, but in case of brawl they will be useless".

    MRM duration tweak is nice (MRM40 has the same duration pre-patch, while all other MRMs gained a shorter duration based on the number of missiles, i.e. MRM20 shoots all missiles in half the time), but MRMs still feel underwhelming due to lack of pinpoint. They are not as trash as earlier, but I don't think they have been buffed enough due to the incredible buffs most pinpoint weapons have received.

    Streaks seems to have beef nerfed. IMHO they were too much of a threat to any light: basically it was just "take a medium, fit as many SSRM you can and go chase the light for an easy kill". Not fun for anyone, both the light pilot who can't counter this build without relying on range / pokes and the streak boat who was useless against anything with the same or greater tonnage. But right now... I don't know, they seem to be quite a joke. They are gonna deal spreaded damage over time, but that's about it. Easy to use, but low gain. I'm not sure they are worth it at all now.

    SNPPCs buff and ghost heat are very nice: they are not as broken as a 3xHPPC on an awesome due to their low range, while the heat buff is very nice but still high enough so you can't simply spam them. I really like the changes, while I don't really like the weapon themselves due to their low range. AC20 + 3xSNPPC is deadly and I think with the right of being so: if someone manages to get close to you with such a build, it deserves to kill you.

    2xcAC20 with no ghost heat is simply amazing. Due to the 3 pellets you can't still pinpoint all the damage unless your target is standing still, so right now it's nice to punish anyone foolish enough to face tank you while not being completely broken against targets a bit smart or aware of the 2xcAC20 threat.

    LPL reworks/buffs are nice, but IMHO not enough. They are sensibly better, but still not good enough to make them worth it. They are still better suited for peek-a-boos rather than pure DPS roles, so they are still in that strange niche of "I have enough tons to fit them but I can't fit anything else because I would be too hot, so I mostly rely only on them". Builds like RVN-4X with 2xLPL is now viable again (especially because now 2xERLL shoots VERY slowly compared to pre-patch), but... I kinda feel they are still meh with no quirks.

    CASE buff is more than welcome. No tonnage and no more component restriction is more than welcome and is also a "counter" to previous slot perfect builds.

    Projectile weapons speed buff is very welcome, especially because it is an indirect buff to mechs with bad convergence: now they can hit targets more reliably and should struggle a bit less to pinpoint damage against far targets. AC20 is a lot more reliable close range.

    Let me know if I forget one or more points, or if you have something to add.
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  2. Galahad2030

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    IS PPCs can fire 3 now without ghost heat.
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  3. CarloArmato

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    Thanks, I've completely missed that one.
  4. Durandal

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    Overall, I think the patch helped some builds open up (and some mechs be more viable again), though I do feel some are still too strong. RAC2 and RAC5 still feel too strong in a lot of encounters when compared to other weaponry simply due to how fast they can build up damage, but having some other weapons buffed up has made the gap feel a bit less...well, gappy.

    Micro Pulse on the Piranha is, as noted, completely broken. I intend to enjoy that while I can, until that build gets nerfed into the ground.

    C-SPL feels a bit stronger too, which is nice since I have several builds I liked using them with.

    CAC20 being useful is weird, but I approve.

    LPPC is the big one for me, I've changed or adapted a lot of builds to use them instead of ERLL or LLas, this and the Snub both feel like they have a real use now with their changes, whereas I wasn't the biggest fan before.

    The big downside with a lot of these, however, is I've felt my light mechs just struggling...the Piranha thing is fun, but the majority of my lights were always the bread and butter of my garage. They felt like they were falling flat a lot before the patch, and while this has helped some builds be more viable for them, they used to feel a lot stronger to me than they do now. I can still get things going in my real carry lights like the LCT or Flea, but they still need some love to be honest.

    It's a start though...hopefully PGI doesn't gut every light in the next big patch :p
  5. I tried the double cAC20s and quickly went back to using LBX20s. Same tonnage and same number of slots.

    Less heat, faster projectile velocity, no "burst" mode shell problems, extra crits, no ghost heat... for any number of LBX20s.

    Does the cooldown for AC20s start on the first shell fired or the last? So, either same or advantage LBX20.

    Yah, there is some spread to the LBX20s, but they seem to take out light legs better than a single 6.66 damage shell.
  6. Durandal

    Durandal Min-Max Maniac

    I still enjoy LBX20's (for fun, I even run an 2xLB20/2xLB10 DWF sometimes), but the new cAC20's feel like they have some real strength, where before they just felt like a waste of space. I'd say the cAC20's feel stronger against heavy/assault mechs since they can cluster the damage into a CT/ST easier, while the LB20's feel stronger against medium and light mechs since they'll do a lot of incidental component shredding. The cooldown is interesting...visually it seems to start between the 2nd and 3rd shells, so I did a quick test, and the LBX20 does cooldown slightly faster, though not so much that you'd notice a massive difference. That said, it is faster.
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  7. Excalibaard

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    The cAC20 change is nice, but I think I still prefer LBX in a lot of cases. Single shell goes better with SRM and ERPPC. Lower heat goes well with energy weapon loadouts. That said, the cAC20 definitely feel better against slow targets where you put every shell in one locationa en don't open up the armor instantly, and at ranges of like 200m+

    CASE change is pretty good, I actually use it now, though they should implement a 1 per non-CT/HD component, instead of 6/mech.

    LPPC is one of my highlights too. Finally a good weapon, very nice to use on lower tonnage mechs or to add as step between MPL and LL. No minimum range means you can use it against other lights/mediums as well. Ac5 with half dps.

    SNPPC takes the cake though. 3 SNPPC is not only effective damage-wise, but it's only 21 heat, barely higher than the 18 heat of just 2 ppc and much lower than that of 2 ERPPC. Combines so incredibly well with ac20s, it feels a bit broken despite the short range. Using it on a marauder and a cyclops, and it was so much nicer than 2 SNPPC + ac20 ever felt. I think they could be a bit hotter tbh to limit how often you can fire them in one heat gauge, as most mechs feel like they can keep firing almost indefinitely.

    MRM10 and 20 also feel a lot better, the 10 feels like a repeatable rocket launcher, and that could finally mean it's actually worth it to run them despite the heat and weight respectively. Had great success with 2mrm10+MRM10 instead of 1 mrm40 on my roughneck powerhouse.

    Haven't played with LGR extensively yet, but it hasn't been scary to play against either. They seem a lot more viable now you don't give up a ghost heat count for it. I had almost forgotten there was a charge limit since ghost heat limit was the same.

    IS SPL on my phoenix hawk feel nice, maybe the locust is back too, haven't played a lot of lights since my return tbh.

    RAC5 change feels very powerful, seems like a better choice than rac2 in almost any scenario now. Can keep the dps up for such a long time it's crazy.

    Haven't noticed much about the clan MPL buffs. Thought they'd be more significant with the return to 7 damage.

    Finally, 4 LL made me change a lot of my builds, but it is a welcome change. Doesn't feel super strong on its own (at least for a roughneck) but feels good when supplemented with some other weapons like the MRM10 or extra ERML. Tempted to buy that oversized panther (wvr6k) and go to town, fits a rifleman quite snugly for now.
  8. Some of the ghost heat penalties need to be re-evaluated.

    Firing 4x SNPPCs and 2x AC20s comfortably, seemed pretty wrong. Then again dual heavy gauss with medium lasers will fall in the same damage range with some trade offs (heat, tonnage, charge time).
    Luckily most of the combo SNPPC/AC 50+ builds are fairly slow.

    I need to try 3x PPCs more. Seemed very good on the Catapult K2 even in match where my positioning could have been a lot better.
    I would be fine waiting on some of the changes, especially to IS weapons, until the de-quirkening has had at least a month of run time. You can't get an accurate picture with most pilots picking mechs with quirks like -20% cooldown, -20% heat, +20% range, ignoring Heat Scale Ghost heat, etc.

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