Economy Redundant Engines to Avoid or Sell

Learn how to maximize your C-Bill wallet efficiency!

  1. tfun90
    Updated 7/24/2015


    Explanation: "Real Tonnage" is the tonnage it takes to get an engine to be operational, aka 10 heat sinks. An engine whose real tonnage is equal to or greater...
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Recent Reviews

  1. Aremanos
    A great reference on lower rating range engines. Which are inferior to other choices and the exceptions to the rules due to mech max engine limits.
  2. Excalibaard
    Great list, I will refer to this in my upcoming video about engines. It would be great if the most efficient engines in terms of tonnage to rating and available heatsinks were highlighted, or at least the very inefficient engines such as the XL305 would receive a special rating in that you COULD buy them, but it's advised not to do so.
  3. Motörhead
    It's a good guide, one eventually doesn't care anymore once grinding enough, but especially for starters where every cbill matters, this is useful info.
    1. tfun90
      Author's Response
      Yes, it is a shame this guide will mostly be used for people to sell engines accidentally bought or equipped on stock mechs and only return half (?) value.
  4. Nekhron Kirov
    Nekhron Kirov
    Excellent little flowchart. Most useful!
  5. Dr. Dvorak
    Dr. Dvorak
    Great resource in need of a small update - the xl250 is no longer completely redundant if you have Panthers in your hangar.
  6. OJ Simpson
    OJ Simpson
    Thank you. Very useful.
  7. Bolththrower
    rating is ok to do
  8. dog_funtom
    Helped me much two times already. First time it allowed me to buy mech on sale at the last minute. Second time it allowed me to add a bit of additional speed to some of my mechs that share same engine.
  9. enileph
    Extremely useful chart for everyone.
    Just a reminder that we may need to update this as new mech rolls out.
    I don't think I need to say more (I did so way back when this creation is in beta), but it seems that I have to type at least 100 characters so here it is.
  10. Karl TenBrew
    Karl TenBrew
    Thanks for this! Very good way to get baseline engines that should be sold off (and which ones should never be bought as stand-alones).