Which pre-fix do I use for my build?

- Casual: This descriptor is probably going to be most common. Workable builds which are not necessarily top-tier for the chassis, but not a mess either. Examples of these builds are ATM Stormcrows, Medium Pulse Laser Hunchback 4Ps, et cetera.

- Budget: A descriptor for builds that are not expensive to build for a new player. Use this for builds which use a stock/common engine and don't get many upgrades for example, or omnimechs that do not change their omnipods too much. I expect this to be used relatively niche, but it could be good to have more of this type of builds on MechSpecs.

- Meme: The 'Meme' descriptor is for all zany, wonky, mad scientist builds, that aren't so much effective as they make for a good laugh. Examples of these are: 6HPPC banshee, 8 Flamer Firestarter, or basically anything TheB33f thinks of.

The other two prefixes can have overlap with the previous ones, but are still useful to have seperately:

- Scouting: Specifically for builds to be used most effectively in the Faction Play scouting mode. These builds usually run less ammo due to less targets, and put it into the engine or weapon loadout.

- Invasion: Specifically for builds that are used most effectively in Faction Play invasion mode. These builds are usually meant for more sustained fights at longer ranges.

- Solaris: Only for builds to be used in Solaris gameplay, these will not rely on consumables and generally pack little ammo.
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Nov 3, 2017
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