How do I post a build on MechSpecs?

Your post should contain:

  • (Optional): Add a skill tree build
    • Kitlaan Skill Lab
    • PGI Skill Code: Please post your import/export code in code brackets
Please avoid to creating new threads for builds that already exist AKA 'duplicates', in order to avoid having too many different threads about the same thing. For ease of definition, a build classifies as duplicate when the weapon loadout in the original post is identical to another thread, even if other factors like the engine and additional equipment are different. Look for and create your post in the already existing thread for that build.
When you create a duplicate build, it will be merged with the older thread i
f it has had new comments within 1 year and can be found on the first page. Only under rare exception moderators may deviate from this guideline.

Please try to have only one build per post, so each can be rated/evaluated separately. Alternate builds are allowed by shortly abbreviating the differences with the original build.
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Oct 11, 2014
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