WVR-7K "Dive Bomber" 2xLRM10+A, 2xMLas, 1xTAG, 1xAMS, 7xJJ, XL280

Thread in 'WVR-7K' started by Bad Dragon, Apr 27, 2017.

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    After a lot of tweaking I finally found a loadout for this Wovlerine that I like, at least until MRMs come around and I have to rethink it. I found LLas to be too cumbersome to fit a larger engine that can hold a heatsink and include all of my jumpjets, so I opted for a pair of MLas for up close defense/extra pinpoint damage. The TAG can be moved down to the arm, but I prefer it in the cockpit so that I don't have to worry about any obstacles blocking it.

    The reason why I chose to name it the Dive Bomber is because I tend to use the JJs for pop-tarting, but with LRMs that have tight spread with both the Artemis and TAG. It of course functions as your basic LRM mech sitting behind teammates as well, but that puts the mobility to waste, especially with only 20 missile tubes. I also tried to use an extra LRM 5/10, but going with the 10 meant either sacrificing Artemis or mobility whilst the 5 simply wasn't worth the ghost heat. The AMS is simply there to help out the team a little more whenever you stand around them.

    I have yet to have matches with amazing damage, but it can help out the team fairly well and get kills fairly decently provided you have the opponent TAGged.

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