WVR-6R Dakka Lite (1x AC5, 1x MLas, 3x SSRM2, 1x AC2, 3x JJ, XL280)

Thread in 'WVR-6R' started by Serious Table, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. Serious Table

    Serious Table Well-Known Member


    I've been working pretty hard to make this Wolverine work, and this build turned this Mech from "Eeeeh, this is frustrating" to "hot damn, I LOVE this Mech!" It's rapidly becoming one of my favorite mediums.

    I run my weapon groups like so:

    1) AC5, AC2
    2) MLas
    3) Streaks

    The premise is a good support harasser build that can engage from a variety of ranges, and gets better as you get closer. Lights are less a problem thanks to the streaks, though you'll need a little help with any ECM buggers who focus you. YOu can, however, get a good solid lock on them at about 200 meters.

    The ammo distribution is something I'm still fighting with; that extra ton of AC2 means I run out of AC5 ammo, but rarely if ever run out of AC2 ammo. You could potentially drop it for another pair of jumpjets for added maneuverability. Heat is very manageable, so a heat sink feels wasted.

    Remember, you're a medium! Try to stay out of the line of fire as best you can. But should you get into a fight, lay those autocannons on thick; the pair will really rock your target and possibly force them to back off.
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  2. Excalibaard

    Excalibaard 101 010 Staff Member

    Is 1 ton of streak ammo enough? I'm tempted to test a variation of this build on the SHD-2H. I suppose you want to avoid fights with lights if possible, but still...
    I take away the 3rd JJ and some armor mainly from the shield arm for 1 extra ton SSRM ammo, but as you said you were fighting with the AC ammo, you can probably exchange for AC5 ammo to have 90/225 which is enough I think.

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  3. Banky

    Banky New Member

    Excellent build for this mech. I run mine much the same way - only with an XL265 and only 2 JJs. It gives enough room for 2 tons of ammo on the streaks and 3 tons per cannon (which tends to last just long enough to get to the end of extended matches). Very fun mech to run with.

    As for lights? Even if they have ECM, your ROF on the cannons is enough to rip legs and arms off with just a few hits. No reason to avoid them unless they're pack hunting... You'll definitely want to add artemis for faster lock-ons but aside from that, this build is outstanding.
  4. Lan

    Lan Mech Wrangler

    FYI, that lockon bug with artemis and streaks? It's been fixed, there is no benefit anymore as of the update on separate artemis launchers.
  5. Neolad

    Neolad New Member

    Great build, I really like the combo of AC2 and AC5, no-one likes getting hit with those things.

    I found I had better success swapping out the 3xSSRM2 for 2xSRM4. Great for delivering that knock out punch on areas opened up by your Autocannons. Dropped a JJ for an additional ton of SRM ammo.

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  6. Sir Tiddles

    Sir Tiddles Active Member

    This is my take on your build. I really didn't like the AC2 and AC5 on this mech because of ammo/tonnage reasons. I am considering dropping some shield arm armor and a jump jet for another ton of AC5 ammo. But in general, I am very pleased with this build -- it's like a flying Cent D.

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  7. Cold

    Cold New Member

    Awesome build. At first I went with the 2x AC5 version above me which somehow didn't worked out for me and switched to SubjectSevens overhauled AC5&AC2 build which now works magical wonders! In chainfire those two guns dish out a stakkato of hurt and together with the SSRMs on chainfire you dish out so much bang that every mech that challenges you will be sorry. Even heavies can be taken on if they aren't driven by a pro. 5 stars from me.

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