Invasion WLF-1A "Light killer" (5xMPL, XL280)

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Thread in 'WLF-1A' started by CarloArmato, Oct 31, 2018.

  1. CarloArmato

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    A very appropriate name for this build (or "light's hound", but whatever, goal is the same).

    MechDB link: alpha coefficiency 6 means you can alpha strike 6 times before overheating and pre-skills

    Very good sustained DPS for being a pulse boat: equal alpha strike compared to a 6xML boat, but shorter range. -10% laser duration quirk combined with pulse laser duration will make this build shine in any 1vs1 against other lights because you will likely spread less damage compared to most other clan builds: aim CT, fire, torso twist to spread incoming damage, repeat until someone explodes. With maxed laser duration skills, MPL duration should be 0.45 seconds. If you happen to be hot, you can very likely disengage whenever you want thanks to your very good speed.

    Due to armor quirks and to the fact this mech is actually very tall for being a light, skill wise I think you should prioritize armor over any mobility node. Recommended skill tree here

    For comparison with WLF-2 "Civil wub" (4xMPL, 2xERSL, XL280)

    MechDB link: 7.4 alpha coefficiency pre-skills using XL265 version. Cooler, very slightly higher alpha (+ 0.5 dmg), longer burn time (0.75s instead of 0.54 pre-skills), higher sustained DPS thanks to both quirks and +1 DHS (5.42 instead of 4.86), but very slightly lower maximum DPS.
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  2. Excalibaard

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    Incredible that this wasn't posted yet.

    I've been running this build on the 1A since I own my Wolfhounds. Originally because of the very good convergence on the torso mounts, later because it got the -10% laser duration.

    Pulse lasers have the highest Damage per Tick of any weapon, which is inversely proportional to the laser duration. Therefore, they get the most benefit out of these quirks and skills even if the absolute laser duration is only minimally reduced. Pulse lasers with -25% duration (which includes skills) remove components in no time and apply the most damage when swept across legs for the same amount of absolute time as any other laser.

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