WLF-1A "Ankle Biter" (1x LPL, 5x SPL, XL295)

Thread in 'WLF-1A' started by Trippton, Dec 7, 2015.

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    This build utilizes all of the energy hardpoints, top engine, and uses an arm as a shield. LPL in the arm, SPLs in the torso. I've used this to great effect chasing away other lights from teammates hanging in the back and then later in the battle harassing enemy mechs while they're busy engaging our heavies/assaults and shooting them in the back. The heat is reasonably manageable even without extra heat sinks. I'd set one weapon group for all the SPLs and then a chain fire mode as well just in case you're running hot and trying to avoid a shutdown.


    I thought I had taken a screenshot of a different battle, as this one had a couple enemy players AFK, but couldn't find it. This is the potential of this mech though when the enemy is distracted.
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    I might forgo 1 SPL and put the LPL in the CT. It misses a little burst, but being able to forgo both arms turning me into a tiny Cicada sounds fun. Lights are too fast to accurately use arm weapons anyway imo, you have to twist and be mobile so much, torso twists fast enough as well.

    Or you can put tonnage into target acquisition and countering ECM:


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