Question Who or What is Russ Bullock?

Thread in 'General Discussion' started by AustinGreyson, May 13, 2020.

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    Russ Bullock is a bit of a mystery to me. From what I can piece together using anecdotes from other MechWarrior community members, Russ Bullock is a drunk hobo who was picked up off the streets of Vancouver omegle discord xender by a mysterious force, and by a byzantine sequence of events, took over an entire game company and the MechWarrior franchise.

    Of course that is incredibly insulting and makes absolutely no gosh darned sense.

    So who is Russ Bullock, how did he come to lead Piranha Games Interactive, what are his talents, skills, and qualifications, and what deemed him worthy to lead the MechWarrior franchise?
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  2. Shock

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    PGI bought a license to make a Mechwarrior game. He's the founder and President of PGI, which is a marginally successful game studio. There is no standard for "worthiness" involved.
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    He founded PGI, which is why he's at the top. He also likes battletech, which is why they tried to get a MechWarrior license (remember in 2012 it had been about 10 years since the last mw game, so Microsoft wasn't using it). They got lucky and then they had to make their version and it proved to be kinda difficult :p

    I'm just happy that MechWarrior is back in the picture since then. But , I wouldn't mind a few more companies (like HBS) picking up on the franchise. MW5 was heavily inspired by the BT game it seems, PGI just needs a bit more of that inspiration to be pushed in the right direction.

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