Casual WHM-IIC "Crts + L" (2xcHLL, 1xcLPL, 2xcLBX10, cXL325)

Thread in 'WHM-IIC-A' started by CarloArmato, Nov 6, 2019.

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    Be carefull to not fire HLL + LPL togheter: they will trigger ghost heat.
    Use it as your common vomit laser build (fire 2xHLL and mid burn, after 0.5 s fire the remaining LPL) with the added feature that if something tries to brawl you, you will be able to deliver swift death thanks to those LBX10. Those 2 LBX10 are coupled with a -10% ballistic cooldown, they are so cool you are more than heat stable if you only fire them and hopefully after someone manages to push your position you will find an open component so you can further exploit LBX critical bonuses on structure.

    You can also swap the LPL for an ERPPC to avoid ghost heat at all, but build will become way hotter.

    Build name is inspired from B33f's "Delete button". Thinking about Keyboard and consequently Keyboard shortcuts, I thought about "Ctrl + X" (cut) which has become "Crts" (Crits) and "L" (Lasers)

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