What do you want from Faction Play?

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  1. Post some priorities for you for Faction Play please.

    Maybe this will give PGI some guidance and get them out of left field and a bit closer to something positive.
  2. - Be able to play any night of the week and progress on Loyalty Point Grind. Don't have a hard cap on rewards for Loyalty. Let Loyalty start over at the first level or add more reward tiers.

    - Keep faction identity. It is fine to have Wolf vs Davion (etc) events, but let Loyalists play in the event and earn Loyalty for their own faction on the appropriate side.
    Plenty of temporary alliances that have sprung up quickly and dissolved just as quickly in the books/lore.

    - Allow players to change sides quickly. This is the way the player base has been able to keep games going. It is not great, but this is needed. Thank you to all the players that switch sides to keep games popping. Even if you don't want to play Clan due to Side Torso Suicide, etc.
    (PS - Always consider buffing the weak items instead of nerfing items consider strong. Especially when an item such as an engine is locked and even more so when you are adding an INSTANT DEATH MECHANIC into the game... How did Long Tom help..? Sorry, I got off track. /rant off)

    - Events !! Adding one or two weekend FP events a month and perhaps having a COMMUNITY AGREED UPON DAY each week would help a lot. Lots of gaming stores know that they can't support doing a particular game every night. So they switch it up. Friday Night Magic, different night for 40K, etc, etc. They try to avoid scheduling conflicting events. Like FP, QP and Solaris events at the same time. Maybe FP night is on Wednesday (coordinate with active FP units) and gives +10% Loyalty.

    - Forced game mode... Please be very careful before forcing people to play the same game mode over and over again. I thought this was obvious because common sense. Don't give players more reasons to avoid playing FP. We know there are maps/modes with choke points - let's not reharsh that now or that are easy to objective rush - resulting in a bad play experience and poor rewards especially for the losing team that will just stop queueing. Anyway, nice to have Scouting always available in case there aren't enough players. Let of non-FP people will use that to complete rewards or as a change of pace. FP burnout is a thing.
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  3. Gun Tuv

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    That about covers my thoughts tbh. I'm nearly at Rank 8 Merc so getting that moving again would be nice. The really fat rewards were just about to show up.
  4. Kerafyrm

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    I think it needs a different incentive that what we have currently. Like a new shop + currency only earned from faction play. Shop can rotate on what they sale in a monthly refresh basis, it could be on things like colors, camo, bolt-ons, etc.

    Have "seasons" of faction play with rotating rewards. Lock some bolt-ons, camos, and/or titles to a rating system so only the top 5%-10% MMR of a faction can use them. Of course have MMR based rewards for lower % as well. This would keep people playing the mode for a reason.

    This would give a lot of people new reasons to play this mode, and at least separate the game modes. Like for most games, there are casual game modes vs ranked game modes.
  5. Gun Tuv

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    Well, that's sorted at least ;)
  6. Duty Remains

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    What do I want from faction play... Something interesting, preferably ENTERTAINING...

    Let's start with more factions, my favorite factions from the lore are not available. It's ridiculous that they've updated the tech available but still haven't added any more factions. I'll be honest I'm not a fan of any of the current 10 factions, although I have a moderate respect for House Davion. Here's a list of what they should add:

    1) the Periphery Realms: Taurian Concordat, Magistracy of Canopus and Outworlds Alliance. Bonus points for the Marian Hegemony, Circinus Federation and Rim Collection. If there was no Periphery, there would have been no Amaris Coup and hence no Clans...

    2) Comstar and the World of Blake... While I'm not a fan of the robes, having the Clans without Comstar just isn't right... I mean who did the Clans fight and LOSE to on Tukayyid?

    3) the Home Clans: I'm not going to list all of them but many of the Home Clans are far more interesting than the seven flavors of Mary Sue that turned up in the invasion. Also this would incentivize adding more Home Clan 'mechs like the Hellion, Stooping Hawk, Blood Kite and Savage Coyote.
    Also something that differentiates the factions more than just whether they use Clan or IS tech... Icons and insignia are not enough to flush out an identity... I don't care if its limiting what 'mechs each faction has access to, differing rewards according to faction or some "faction quirk" system. Just something that lets us attach a meaningful descriptor to a faction, i.e. House Davion are "Dakka Fanboys" and that should mean something...

    Right now I don't see any reason to care about Faction Warfare and it'll take more than bragging rights and a rewards grind to pique my interest.
  7. Excalibaard

    Excalibaard 101 010 Staff Member

    I'd like to see Faction Play be included in the MWO gameplay universe rather than being this 'over-complicated additional gamemode but tbh it's more lucrative to play QP'.


    The way all planets lack any kind of lore or biodiversity makes the fights a bland repetitive experience. I'd like to see planets with actual stories (even if just copied/summarized from Sarna), and map selection restrictions to give some planets identity. Wouldn't mind excluding a lot of planets that have no significance in 'the current season' in order to make the star map easier to navigate or to have them take a background position and select only a few that have ongoing events (akin to faction play events now).

    As suggested above, having each faction feel different would also help. Loyalists should have a non-colorable faction camo unlocked for all their mechs as a bare minimum. Also, I would like to see some 'exclusive mechs' per faction. Gives us something to grind towards something that isn't 'skill points to make your mech actually good' (or in the case that you've already gotten too many SP to know what to do with, SOMETHING to grind for). Not sure if we should include gameplay/weapon specific differences, as that will take a lot of choice away in favor of min-maxing (you'll have some of that already if a faction has better mechs lore-wise than others). Make it easy to switch to a new faction in order to not 'lock content' too harshly and keep games rolling even when we're all split into 10+ factions.

    In terms of rewards, I think Freelancers earning XP (newbs), Loyalists earning extra CB (for being in service), and Mercs earning salvage would be a fair balance, as long as salvage rewards AKA supply drops are less shitty as they are now. There should be a real chance for mercs to earn mechs as compensation for the fact they don't get direct access to faction mechs without being loyal.

    While Scouting and Siege are definitively 'the Faction Play modes', there are a lot of faction modes that are just blatant copies of QP, but with more mechs. I'd like to see a merge of QP and FP happening. This increases playerbase in total, and reduces long drawn out boring frankensteined game modes on maps that are way too small meaning you easily get spawn-camped if you fall behind. All the 'standard game modes' should be the same queue as QP, but instead of loading in one mech, you'd load in the entire dropship (the dropship should be an easy-to-use launcher-wide application selecting in 4 mechs from your garage), select one mech you'd like to play and have a normal QP match in that mech*. Each side is assigned a faction they're fighting for in the conflict on that planet (loyalists only get placed on their side if the option arises), winning side swings the planet 'loyalty' a little in their favor, triggering a siege event when completed.

    *Giving people the power to choose their mech after selection will inevitably lead to 12-assault mech matches if not controlled, so of course this comes with restrictions on picking mechs by either limiting the amount of class mechs chosen, a tonnage limit (eventually with random turn-based picking order), better rewards if you play a certain class that fewer people picked, or something like that.

    Siege is fine for now, but I'd like to see it be bigger and better. Unlock new spawn points to avoid the current problem where you basically have to , more sprawled out maps where lights get a purpose of quickly taking out a generator some 3 km away, which would take the fatties too much time to reach. Maybe split it into 3 stages of protecting the outer wall, inner wall, and the seat of power separately, if it's too difficult to put into one single map. Small portions of these maps (designed around multiple engagement areas anyway) could double as standalone 'Quick Play maps' (abandoned fort idea) to familiarize yourself with their layouts before the 'big siege' happens, and reduces precious dev time design from the artists.
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    That seems like a good list Some comsetic items and such but Im curious as to how to spot a dogleg transmission and what are euro weaves?

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