VULCAN 2T --- LL+4SL Vulcada Melee

Thread in 'Vulcan' started by Toastygawa, Dec 9, 2019.

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    I did it again. I turned a Vulcan into a Cicada, but with far greater durability and better entertainment value. The Vulcan's CQC Suite has great potential, if you use all those support hardpoints. The LL deals damage on approach, and the SLs do the hard work when up close. JJs allow for surprise rear armor hits, but that alpha will spike heat.


    Adjustment: Drop the LL for one ML and use the tonnage for Arm Mods to make a fast melee monster.

    Pros: More survivable than stock at 720 armor rating, respectable melee capability, the extra support weapon range is very useful.
    Cons: No shield arm, thin back armor isn't ideal for melee mechs.

    This build shown using standard equipment. Using + or ++ will increase that firepower rating by another tick.

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