VTR-9S "Serious Von Boom" (1x AC20, 2x LL, 2x SRM4, 2x JJ, XL350)

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    The Serious variant of the Victor Von Boom of the 9B. The 9B variant had an SRM 6 along with the SRM 4, but had one less jump jet. After several matches with this beastly machine, I've fallen in love with the Victor chassis. I fell so in love, in fact, that I sold my Atlas, Highlander, and Stalker because they simply couldn't give me the same performance and fun (and because an XL350 is expensive as hell).

    And because it let me do this, without having been mastered yet!:


    You're fast, you're maneuverable, you're pretty heavily armored, and those Large Lasers let you put out damage from a good distance before getting into an engagement. Hug an Assault and melt his target or run with some lighter heavies and show them you're fast enough to keep up. The AC/20 shots are limited, so make sure you make those shots count. The LLas, though, is unlimited, so apply liberally.

    Alternate configs are easy to fit without sacrificing too much; drop a jump jet for an additional ton of AC/20 ammo, or an SRM 6 instead of an SRM 4. At least one jump jet is advised if you plan on brawling in any capacity, as it gives you additional maneuverability compared to your same or greater weight cousins.
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    The Weaponloadout is great! Only needs some Cool Efficiency Tweaking..

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    Half a ton of AC20 ammo is usually not acceptable. I would rather only bring 50 less SRMs than gimping the mech's main weapon. Also, all that ammo in the legs while reducing the leg's armor can be very dangerous these days.

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