VTR-9A1 "Heavy Gauss Scatter" (HGR, LB20X, 1xJJ, STD300)

Thread in 'VTR-9A1' started by ShiverMeRivets, Aug 12, 2018.

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    Everyone likes the 2xHGR build, but this is a more versatile one. Instead of a second HGR, we take an LB20X. Why? Because of 4 tons and insta-blast. The 4 tons saved when switching the 2nd HGR (18T) to LB20X (14T) give us STD300 (60 kph before skills), a jump-jet for climbing, and more armor. LB20X in turn gives us a no-charge weapon to deal with peekers and poptarts, about equal DPS to HGR, and lots of crit-seeking projectiles. LB20 muzzle velocity is also comparable to gauss shots, unlike AC20, making our 1-2 punch smooth.

    Some additional notes:
    This build probably has too much ammo (I have yet to run out), so after taking ammo capacity skills you may remove 1/2T of each type for arm lasers, a bit more leg/arm armor, a targeting computer, or 2nd JJ. BTW, don't be fooled by the "low" leg armor - this sucker has +24 armor quirk on the legs and +19 on the arms for some shielding.

    The Gauss and LB20 ammo are mixed for crit-padding.

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