VL-5T ''Quirkicus'' (5xML, 1xMG, 1xAMS, 4xJJ, XL300)

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    Me likey. I tried the 5xMPL build. The MPL build is good, but it just feels a little too hot and a little too slow. This 5xML build is quite cold and actually works to the quirks. You can jump for days and just keep shooting and shooting and shooting. If you want to you can ditch the AMS to get it moving a few kph faster. Like the Assassin, speed is life in this thing and every few extra kph improves your survivability tremendously.

    The MG is pretty much a scare weapon, nobody likes hearing MG bullets rattling on their mech. But it actually can occasionally get a crit for you, which is pretty nice. Just don't ever get caught focusing with the MG, only use the MG while you are also holding a laser burn, or are in a completely 'safe' situation to facestare.

    Possible skill tree:
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