Vindicator 1R --- 5ML+SRM6 Bouncing Finisher

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Thread in 'Vindicator' started by Toastygawa, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. Toastygawa

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    Whether it's Glitch's starting mech or the medium you run in Career Mode, the Vindicator can be a strong platform in the early game, and is perfect for finishing off damaged or downed enemies. It can even be useful in the mid-game as a scout.


    Adjustment: Scale down to SRM4 to add one HS.

    Pros: Considerably more survivable than stock, Alpha dmg can be 150+
    Cons: No Long-Range, no shield arm, head slot used, wants for another HS.

    This build shown using standard equipment. Using + or ++ can significantly increase effectiveness, but those arms only have 70 armor each, max.

    I like this forum for reference, and thought I'd round out the lesser-represented mechs. Stock Vindicator isn't as much fun as this one.
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  2. Shock

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    This is a very solid starter brawl mech.

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