VGL-A "All Weather" (2xLPL, 4xSRM6, cXL300, 4xJJ)

Thread in 'VGL-A' started by blighty, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. blighty

    blighty New Member


    Its a SRM6 build, as is well suited to this fine mech. Runs pretty quick, good JJs, and twin cLPLs are just terrific on maps when the brawl happens late.

    IMO if change to twin cERLL this might be comp worthy.
  2. Throet

    Throet Active Member

    Regular SRM6 tend to spray damage everywhere, so I prefer either SRM4 or SRM6+A, to keep those missiles on target hitting single components as much as possible. You've got the tonnage here to keep the LPL for sure, and plenty of slots to go HLL instead if you wanted.

    However, 4 tons of ammo is a bit much for 4xSRM6, and since you're running Clan tech, swap the JJs in the legs out for DHS in the legs to take advantage of the rare moment you find yourself standing in deep water.

    So consider the following:

    Talking competitive builds, this thing has the speed, JJ quirks, and spare tonnage for enough heat sinks to make a dual ERPPC build viable too, although the heat efficiency on this build is extremely high, and it may end up being rather defenseless against enemy lights. I haven't looked at it in-game yet, so I don't know how high up those energy mounts are.
  3. Dubious Squirrel

    Dubious Squirrel New Member

    This is actually pretty decent, it runs hot but you can do some damage with it. Although I prefer it with 4xATM3 over SRM's.

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