VGL-1 "PPC Eagle" (3xcERPPC, 6xJJ, cXL300)

Thread in 'VGL-1' started by P, May 9, 2019.

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    I've seen this 3xERPPC build in quickplay. It seems okay, maybe. Thing about triple ERPPC builds though, it is kinda hard to pop tart with them and land all three PPC's on target. I feel like the Veagle might be more in the land of 2xERPPC like the Huntsman and Shadowcat:

    You get more speed, a bigger TC, better heat management, and a much easier to deliver alpha. Could be six to one half dozen to the other. 3xERPPC gives you slightly higher burst (but harder to deliver), 2xERPPC gives you consistent continuous 2xERPPC pecking away.

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