Casual UM-SC "Urban Thug" (1xAC5 3xERML 2xJJ XL200) +ALT

Thread in 'Street Cleaner' started by Dagonus, Jan 2, 2019.

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    So I'm a bit confused. I *know* I posted this build when the mech came out because I remember looking at other builds a few days afterwards and discovering that I had used the same name as someone else at the time. I'm not sure how the build got deleted. Here's the build again with a different name. I'm assuming I must have posted it during one of those periods of server instability and the post got lost in there.



    That was its unskilled inaugural run.

    Now if you wanted to squeeze out a little more speed, you could trade one ERML for the max engine.

    But if you didn't want to lose quite so much Firepower, but would rather trade some range for that engine:


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