UM-K9 "Stop Resisting Arrest " (1xRAC2, 5xERSL,2 JJ, XL180)

Thread in 'K9' started by the boneshaman, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. the boneshaman

    the boneshaman Active Member


    what i run on my K-9
    1. RAC
    2. 3 ERSL
    3. 2 ERSL
    2 tons is enough for me. in lights i die quick so i don't always need too much ammo.
    also i get my UACs and RACs from Jamaica. cuz they always be jammin
  2. The Verge

    The Verge Moderator Staff Member

    I actually run something very similar in my own mech. I use the AC2, but I have run out of ammo many times. I'll have to compare the builds, but this one looks much better than my own.
  3. QueadlunnRau

    QueadlunnRau New Member

    Wow I was about to post my K-9 build as my first build posting, however found this one is pretty much just like mine, I can confirm its a fun build.

    Mine is slightly different where I trade the 2 JJs and a bit of head armor for Ferro-Fibrous and an LE180 engine, I might swap to this as I do miss having JJs ... though I will be 12% less tough and can end quicker with the XL engine ... hmm

  4. QueadlunnRau

    QueadlunnRau New Member

    Found a solid medium, your build, though just changing to Light Ferro (6% more armor, yes please) and a couple points off the head net me 1/2 tone more ammo.

    Now I have my JJs, still some toughness, but can't survive when I lose a side, no biggie though as usually when I lose a side torso I'm dead in the next 30 seconds anyway.

  5. renzor51

    renzor51 Advanced Member

    Not long ago on a sale, I bought a second K9 to try something with the ballistic hardpoint. My other K9 is meta. I came up with this, and it's a lot of fun to play. Just constantly lay down fire with that RAC2 while enemies are focusing on bigger targets, and the ERSL's are nothing to sneeze at either. I've had surprisingly good games with this little guy so far.

  6. CarloArmato

    CarloArmato Professional Potato Carrier

    ERSL are extremely heat inefficient and coupled with such high heat/s you are gonna build up a lot of heat without dishing out so much damage. I'm not sure the additional 50 meters range are worth it considered you are gonna double the heat generated by SL.

    IMHO shaving some armor in favor of an additional DHS is a good idea: you won't be headshot proof, but at least it should be able to manage heat better.

    RAC5 and 5xSL seems a better combo, I think I even tried it out for some time.

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