UM-K9 "Police Brutality" (2xLL, 3xSL, 3xJJ, XL180)

Thread in 'K9' started by ShiverMeRivets, Sep 23, 2019.

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    I this is the 1st build that I tried on my new K9, based on the build I used in my R60L variant and utilizing the extra energy hardpoint of the K9. Very simple, the 2LL do the heavy lifting and the 3SL are for brawling - nearly the same dps as MLs but much more efficient, albeit short ranged. With only 1 skill point invested (+1 consumable) ERSLs are too hot. Even with the theoretically excellent heat management score of this build I get hot when very active and J-Jetting around all the time.

    One of the 1st games, only 1 skill point unlocked. I wasn't fast enough to capture the team screen - 12:10 kills score, officer K9 returned safely to the precinct with 5 arrests to his credit.:thumbsup:

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