Casual UM-K9 "Designated MarkTrash" (1xAC10, 2xERSL, 1xJJ, XL170)

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Thread in 'K9' started by CarloArmato, Dec 27, 2019.

  1. CarloArmato

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    Most notable quirks:
    • -15% ballistic cooldown
    • +20% ballistic range
    • +10% projectile speed
    AC10 is you main weapon: poke and harass your enemy with it. Due to your low speed, your best role is as a small decoy for your bigger brothers: poke first, get the attention while attempting to dodge shots and wait while your bigger brothers step out to deliver the true painload... Still, just be mindful that if you hill poke or right poke, you can achieve free trades most of the times, so it's your call about how to play it. This mech can also be played as a dedicated counter-sniper against other medium/light mech if you manage to hit the skirmisher (if you manage to reliably hit the skirmisher with an AC10, it will soon have to change position or target or perish in the next shots).

    2xERSL are there as backup weapons when either the AC10 gets destroyed or (more commonly) the brawl starts).
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  2. ShiverMeRivets

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    The quirked AC10 has very similar stats to the standard AC5 (cooldown, range, speed) with double the damage (and no uac jamming). I love it.

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