UM-K9 "CHiP" (2xERLL, 2xERML, TC2, JJ, XL170)

Thread in 'K9' started by TheOddball, Feb 16, 2018.

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    Too many speedy light 'mechs on a map? No sense of order in the Polar Highlands? Let me introduce you to the Capellan Highway Patrol Urbie!

    Got this 'mech for the recent Lunar New Year challenge. It is a blast to play, and is good at taking down bigger enemies. Fast enough to keep up with many Clan heavies and mediums, and a JJ helps hop over small obstacles while in pursuit. Great long range poking with the ERLLs and the TC2, and has been very useful at dismembering or taking down CT'd assaults and heavies. The heat loss quirk for this build makes it easy to keep cool, even with repeated alphas.

    Put on your aviator shades and crank the theme from Hawaii 5-0, Dragnet or CHiPs when playing for the full experience.

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