Meme TNS-5S "RAC in the Back" 2xRAC5, ECM, STEALTH, LE350

Thread in 'TNS-5S' started by Renegademaster, Jul 1, 2019.

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    Recenlty I got back in RACing my friends in the face with streams of bullets! But i wanted ECM with my RAC mech, so I looked at the TNS-5S (the Cyclops-11-P is my favourtie ECM RAC5 mech you must try it). I have been trying to find a stealth variant for this mech for a while. After equipping all the RACs and as big an engine as possible I thought, "Heck What if you could have Stealth and RACs????" and Voala it is possible!

    It has enough speed to get around the map into position, drop some arty and RAC in the Back!

    And the non-stealth variant - if you are fealing serious:


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