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  1. JesusCamden

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    Is the best resource for build guides and recommended mechs/chassis? I am still really light on the number and variety of mechs I own and want to start building out the stable, but doing it without wasting money on garbage builds. Meta Mechs looks like it hasn't updated since 2017 but had some really good guides it looked like.
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  2. CarloArmato

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    If you can see them, check my bookmarked builds in my profile: they are only IS mechs, they were or still are very powerful meta mechs for invasion.

    General rule of thumb, though, it's to maximize either DPS or alpha strike, while using mechs with the best hardpoints and/or hitboxes for the role.
    As far as I can remember range matters, meanwhile brawls most of the times are efficient only in deathball scenarios.
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